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[M] Holler LOL, why on Earth would work block Foamy!
[M] powell Hey everybody! I just wanted to say Hi and i am glad to be a new member of the guild.
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Lei Shen

[O] JRKy a posted Jun 19, 13  -  progressionraidwow
The Thunder King is Down!

I want to thank everyone who helped us clear yet another tier. It's been great work, a lot of churn, some tough player loses, but overall a ton of fun. Thank you ALL!


Iron Qon and Twin Consorts

[O] JRKy a posted May 23, 13  -  progressionraidwow
Killed dogs and banged the Twins!

What a fantastic week.  Great job everyone!  Let's kill Lei Shen and FINALLY hit some heroics.
Poked an eye and slimed the lizard!
(I think I just invented a new term for masturbation)

Getting close to a full clear (finally!).  Keep chugging away.

Megaera & Ji-Kun

[O] JRKy a posted Apr 12, 13  -  progressionraidwow

Stomped worms and clipped wings!

Three new bosses in one week.  Fantastic job, folks!

[M] Salmanius Disregard dead weights acquire kills.


[O] JRKy a posted Apr 11, 13  -  progressionraidwow

Kicked her and her offspring in the nuts!

Finally making progress and it feels great.  Great work by everyone putting time in.

Jin'rokh the Breaker

[O] JRKy a posted Mar 6, 13  -  progressionraidwow
We broke the Breaker!

Congratulations and great start to T15.  Don't let it get to your heads - we have a lot of work to do.

Sha of Fear

[O] JRKy a posted Mar 3, 13  -  progressionraidwow
Congratulations on Sha of Fear 10M!

Well that was unexpected.  Now we have TWO end zone bosses to catch up on in 25M.  LONGEST FIGHT EVER.  Thank you so much to everyone who put in all the time this week to get these closed out.  Fantastic job!

Grand Empress Shek'zeer

[O] JRKy a posted Mar 2, 13  -  progressionraidwow
Congratulations on Grand Empress Shek'zeer 10M!

Now to get caught up in 25M and work on Sha of Fear.  Thanks to everyone showing up for the extra days and putting the time in.
[M] Dreary Ohhhhhhh yeah baby!
[M] Starry w00t we finally did it ...
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